Alex Barrera

Men's Marriage and Parenting Coach


You desire the marriage you dreamed of when you stood on that altar and said "I do."You desire to be the dad that creates wonderful memories for your kids.But right now there is a disconnect between your desires and your reality.I want to help you bridge that gap.With a conversation based around your specific goals, we can build a coaching plan that takes into account your priorities, your goals, and your individual strengths.Using that foundation, we will create an actionable plan to get you to the life you want. While also working to build a spirit of positivity and growth that allows you to be fearless in your pursuit of the life you want.Become a fearless husband. Fearless father. Fearless leader.Book your "Fearless Family Leadership" consult today:

About Me

I am passionate about men pursuing a life of true success.Society measures success in dollar signs and brand names.I believe success is better measured by the marriages we build and children we raise.I have been married for 10 years and have 3 kids.I'll tell you right now, I'm not perfect and will never approach a conversation from that viewpoint. What I am is a man dedicated to growth in all areas of life. A continual work in progress.If you come follow me on Twitter (button below), I share stories about my life. About marriage, parenting, weight loss, triathlon training, and whatever else I have going on.Talk soon!

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